Tuesday, May 10, 2005

or what I have learned about me, because of Internet quizzes. I think, this is more impartial than just writing, who I think I am. And more funny by the way and instructive, or something!

My pirate name is Dirty Tom Flint.
My cowboy name is Konrad "Cotton Mouth" S.
If I went to
Hogwards I would be in house Gryffindor.
If you believe
this test I am an Extravert, an Intuitive, a Feeler and a Perceiver.
Ecological Footprint is 4.4.
a past life, I was a sneaky exterminator. Scary!
In order to
act my age, I'd have to be 23. You are kidding me....
seduction style is the Charmer.
I am 60%
normal, hey and what about the other 40%?
inner European is Spanish, si estoy conforme.
According to the
World's Shortest Political Quiz, I'm a Left-Liberal.
If I was a
World Leader, I would be John F. Kennedy. Well, would have been.
If I was a
Country, I would be Brazil.
If I was a
Mythological Creature, I would be a Goddess. Ah, of course.
If I was a
Classic Movie, I would be "The Godfather".
If I was a
Cheese, I would be Parmesan Cheese.
If I was a
Bodily Discharge I would be milk. Oh, hello Emma!
If I was a
Flavour, I would be Curry.
If I was a
Harry Potter Character, I would be Sirius Black.
If I was in
The Lord of the Rings, I would be Tom Bombadil.
If I was a
Jedi Knight, I would be Mace Windu (the one played by Samuel L. Jackson).
If I was a
Big Lebowski character I would be Theodore Donald Karabozov (Donny). That's a deja vu, you know Tina?
If I was an Icecream Flavour, I would be Neopolitan.
On the highway of my life, I am 3 miles away from Mt. Happiness, 18 miles away from the Family Farm, 59 miles away from Fame City, 152 miles away from the Valley of Depression and 451 miles away from the Tower of Committment.
According to this test my brain is 100% interpersonal, 80% visual, 160% verbal, and 60% mathematical.
If I was a planet, I would be Jupiter.
The result of the color quiz is, that my situation is: Volatile and outgoing. Needs to feel that events are developing along desired lines, otherwise irritation can lead to changeability or superficial activities.
If I was a Rockstar, I would be a Punk Rockstar.
My death will be by gunshot, because I'm some important person or whatever?
If I was a Rocky Horror Picture Show character I would be Eddie.
If I was a gem, I would be a sapphire.

That's what my sister-in-law Catrin thinks about me!
Thanks for the
compliment, Lonnie!

To be continued, and thanks to Steve!!!
5:34 AM